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NEVER GIVE UP! The Cubs down 1-3 in the World Series… The Cavaliers down 1-3 in the Championships… Patriots down 3-28 in the Super Bowl… Army football 14 straight years of loses to Navy… Trump… etc!

If you have learned nothing else this year, it should be that “YOU NEVER GIVE UP”!

The Trailblazer boys soccer team took this concept to heart as they regrouped after the first period of the Division II Valley Championship game, finding themselves behind 0-2.

NEVER GIVE UP… it took 15 minutes, into the second period, before GW’s Enrique Ibarra found the back of the net to put the Trailblazers on the board and more importantly, back within striking distance.

NEVER GIVE UP… with only 5 minutes left in the game and the possibility of another Valley Championship game slipping through their hands (this was GW’s fourth trip to championship round), co-captain David Ortiz connected with a loose ball in front of the cage to tie it up. The BIG GW crowd went wild!

NEVER GIVE UP… OVERTIME… This time the momentum seemed to be with GW as they entered the first of two 10 minute overtime periods. Seven minutes into the first overtime period, GW’s John Hernandez connected, putting in what would be the game-winning goal. The BIG GW crowd went wild again! GW’s strong defense did the rest and history was made here at GWHS… the first ever boys soccer VALLEY CHAMPIONSHIP.

NEVER GIVE UP… Congratulations Coach McCaw and GW boys soccer team. We are so proud of what you accomplished! You showed us a great life-lesson and you make us proud to be called TRAILBLAZERS!


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