Trailblazers News · BATTLE FOR THE SADDLE WEEK… Is Here!

Next week is the official Battle for the Saddle! Don’t forget to stop by the ASB room to pre -order your Battle for the Saddle T-Shirt for just $10. 
Our dress up days next week are:

  • Monday – Class Colors
    • *Seniors-Black *Juniors-Blue *Sophomores-Maroon *Freshmen-Gold
  • Tuesday – Western Wear v. City Wear
  • Wednesday – Fashion Disaster (Dress like you don’t know how to dress)
  • Thursday – Halloween (Bring your best costume, no masks or fake weapons)
  • Friday – Blazer Spirit (A Battle for the Saddle T-shirt would look great on this day!)

We are also kicking off the official Saddle T.R.A.I.L. Tik-Tok Challenge! All second period classes have the opportunity to work together to create a tik-tok centered around the theme of “Respect.” ASB has created a GW Tik-Tok @gwhsasb account that shows the students the three songs that they are able to use. Click below for more information.