Trailblazers News · Summer Athletics Update

Golden West Athletic Community,

These past three months have been a very frustrating and upsetting time.  The unknown can be a difficult opponent to defeat.  The purpose to this update is to clarify exactly where we are in our efforts to return to athletics.  We don’t have a lot of information, but we will share what we have.  We are going to break this down into two areas.   The first will be Fall, Winter, Spring seasons and the second will be Summer athletics.

Fall Sports—The CIF controls the seasons of sports.  The seasons are set over a year in advance.  The current start date for football practice is Monday, July 27th, while the current start date for all other fall sports is Monday, August 3rd.  As you may have guessed, those dates are very much in doubt.  No timelines have been announced.  There are a wide variety of options being considered by the CIF.  They include anything from starting on time to moving fall sports to the spring semester and having all three seasons playing concurrently.  NOTHING HAS BEEN DECIDED.  “The  CIF will determine by July 20, if fall sports will continue as currently scheduled.  The CIF is prepared to offer alternative calendars if it is determined by July 20, that fall sports may not start as scheduled due to ongoing public health and safety concerns.”  Again, the CIF will set the dates for fall, winter, spring seasons of sports.   These decisions are currently being discussed in Sacramento.

Winter and Spring dates should be far less impacted than the fall, unless the fall overlaps the winter and spring seasons.

Summer Sports—-The CIF has always been and remains to be silent on summer activity.  Total jurisdiction lies within each school district.  You may have read that a few districts in the section have begun or are about to begin moderate workouts (Caruthers, Clovis, Corcoran, Dinuba, Kingsburg, Reedley, Hanford, Orosi).  Discussions are taking place in VUSD to join that group.  No plans have been finalized at this time.  Please continue to check this website for updates as well as contacting your head coach in the sport of your interest.

We are including a few attachments you will find useful.

  1. Sports Physical
  2. Coaches Contact document
  3. Family ID Letter
  4. NFHS Guidelines to Return to High School Sports

Hope to see you soon,


John DeLong

Athletic Director

Golden West High School