Golden West athletes are finally able to begin conditioning for their particular sport as they prepare for a delayed start to their regular season.  Football has taken weight training out of the weight room and onto the practice field.  Volleyball has moved some of its regular activities onto the track and has added runs up and down the stadium stairs.   Water polo continues to use the pool but with alterations to lane divisions in order to accommodate the required COVID protocols.

There are a variety of  protocols that athletes and coaches must adhere to.   A few of these protocols are as follows:

  • Mask wearing is required unless the athlete is actually working out.
  • Equipment, such as weights, must be wiped down between uses.
  •  Athletes must bring their own water as there is no sharing of water bottles.

Implementing these changes has not been an easy task for coaches or athletes. Although altering routines may be difficult,  there may be a few silver linings resulting from what has been the norm for coaches and athletes in the past.

Football coaches have the opportunity to work with their players on speed and conditioning drills, which they previously were not a part of as those activities took place in the summer and in class at the start of the school year.  This may give them added insight into specific players’ strengths and weaknesses which could result in more efficient training and successful game play.

The volleyball team is attacking the stadium stairs for the first time. While their coach feels it isn’t the same as being in the weight room, it is definitely a formidable challenge and one that may translate into being mentally stronger because they have to push themselves in a different way.

For water polo, the pool is divided into sections with one player in each section.  This gives the coaching staff an opportunity to more easily see how well players are learning skills and make corrections as needed.  The swimmers, being separated by the lane divisions, seem to be more focused when their coach is giving instructions as well.

While COVID has brought changes to the way sports are restarting, the hard work of training and the anticipation and excitement of actually facing an opponent remains the same.  Looking forward to a great Trailblazer season!